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With determination and support you can climb any mountain you put your mind to - Caitlyn and Taylah

Hi our names are Caitlyn Deane and Taylah Streader and we were today’s student leaders. Today we got up at 8 o clock with a delicious breakfast waiting for us downstairs in the hotel. After breakfast we made our lunches and got ready to leave. Lunch was comprised of delish sandwiches and fruit! We then picked up our bags, as heavy as they were, and started our hiking journey. We hiked up many flights of stairs through the mountainous villages of Longsheng. After a few hours, namely three, we stopped and had our packed lunch. During these 3 hours there were many picturesque photo opportunities and funny moments with friends.

After lunch we continued our long hike and climbed onwards through the many beautiful rice terraces of China. The climbing was a challenge for a few people but with a pinch of determination and a splash of encouragement we all made it through. It was a relief to finally make it to the bus! Whilst waiting for the bus we saw a “different” sight. A bus had pulled in to the car park with bags filled with pigs strapped on top. As they were being pulled down a few fellow students noticed and felt uncomfortable or a little disturbed. Others however found the spectacle interesting. If we had learnt anything from today it would be that with determination and support you can climb any mountain you put your mind to!

Yours sincerely,
Caitlyn and Taylah, xox