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Calum and Jorja-Rose Report on being Student Leaders

My name is Calum Pearson and today I was student leader with Jorja-Rose. The first half of our day was dedicated to working on our China research project. A lot of groups really adopted a positive work ethic today, coming up with great ideas and working collaboratively and most groups are a well underway, if not nearly close to being done. I know my group worked smoothly and came up with some good quality work.

The other half of the day involved teaching at the Zengcheng No.2 Middle School. To get prepared we had to make a learning plan and practice what needed to be done in the 40 minutes of teaching that we had. Most if not all groups went really well, I know our English lesson plan consisted of doing some Australian songs, small games and a couple of small English language based activities. The upside of teaching at this particular school is that we were able to bring the learning outside and run some games out in the courtyard area, which expanded the amount of teaching methods we could use. This was a lot of fun and very successful.

Teaching English at Zencheng Middle School

In conclusion today was very constructive, everyone enjoyed themselves and we have increased our understanding of being good leaders, helpful peers and becoming an overall global leader.

Calum and Jorja-Rose,