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Being the student leader for today was quite an enjoyable experience. I may be the only one that has said that, but that is what I’ve found. The activities today were orienteering around the Utahloy campus, designing and building a way to safely drop an egg out of a window without the egg being broken, quite a few different trust exercises and a rescue-type activity, in which we had to build a stretcher and transport and ‘injured’ person to safety.

I’m going to be writing about the trust exercises, which I found to be the most interesting. First we started small, by having two lines with their arms parallel and facing one another, and had an individual attempt to run through, with the people in the lines raising their arms at the last minute. Afterward we took it a step further, by falling into a partners arms on flat ground. One step further and we were lifting an individual above our heads, four people on each side and one at the head. The final step was the trust fall, which was where we stood upon a barbeque type structure outside and fell backwards into a groups arms. I found this activity to be the most interesting because I usually am not one to trust people that easily, and I’ve only known most of these people for around a week. Because of this, I was quite surprised at myself by being the first to volunteer for each of the exercises.

The vibe that I am feeling in our community at this time would be tired but still quite friendly. I believe we have definitely bonded quite well over the last few days, perhaps because of being in a new country and needing support. I look forward to becoming student leader again at some point, and fulfilling my roles as such.

Thank you all for reading my blog of the day.

Paisley I.