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Return to Utahloy - Jake

Today we travelled back to Utahloy from Yangshuo. The bus trip took around six and a half hours. We entertained ourselves by playing cards, reading, sleeping, and watching quality Chinese movies. We stopped for lunch at a random service station. Mr Shem bought us all noodles as we overlooked packing lunch for the bus trip. After lunch we got back onto the bus and after another two hours we finally arrived at Utahloy. After some free time, we began unpacking and having showers. We all went to dinner around 5pm and had our second last dinner in China. After dinner we had some time to finalize our projects. We all spent this time wisely to practice and add finishing touches. We all present our projects tomorrow to each other and the following day we receive certificates from the Utahloy staff and the Australian Consulate General. We are all pretty nervous about presenting but at the same time I think we are all excited to go home.