Alpine Lessons

Alpine Lessons
Alpine Lessons - An Overview

This section highlights a number of the unique lessons students get to experience at the Alpine School Campus. In designing the local curriculum we have aimed to select classes which are relevant, enjoyable, engaging and integrated with learning from the core School for Student Leadership educational program.

Our unique program at the Alpine School focuses on engaging the students in activities which allow them to explore and learn about the local environment and cultures; both indigenous and non-indigenous. Gaining a sense of belonging in local places through knowledge and experience is a key learning outcome.

Providing safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences which facilitate the practical application of knowledge gained from Thinking and Learning, Peer Skills, Leadership and Teamwork classes is another primary objective of the localised program.

Alpine Lessons - Bike Riding

Introduction to mountain bikes and off road riding.

Bike Riding

The desired outcomes of this unit are to install the students with confidence in all aspects of biking.

We introduce the students to riding in the Alpine environment (both on and off road) and hope to build their confidence so they can utilise their time on bikes whilst at the Alpine School Campus. The lessons also help students to develop a thorough understanding on bike repair and bike maintenance.

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Alpine Lessons - First Aid

Each student undertakes Level One Emergency First Aid during the first 2 weeks of our program. The course is certified by Life Saving Victoria and taught by Alpine School teachers who are endorsed by Life Saving Victoria.

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Alpine Lessons - Peer Skills

The Peer Skills program is an interactive learning experience designed to acknowledge and build on the natural listening, helping and problem solving skills of young people. The program helps young people develop their relationship skills and increases their confidence in safely assisting a friend or peer who is experiencing a problem.

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Alpine Lessons - Photography
 PhotographyDuring their stay at Alpine, students have the privilege of attending photography classes with acclaimed Australian photographer David Tatnall.
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Alpine Lessons - Presentation Skills

The Presentation Skills Lesson gives our students the opportunity to practice necessary skills to enable them to give an engaging, enjoyable and comprehensive presentation.

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Alpine Lessons - Raft Building
Raft BuildingRaft building day is based around teamwork and skills learnt throughout the term. The students are given small clues to navigate their way around the dredge hole at Harrietville on a raft they build.
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