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Final day painting at the local Primary School - Paisley and Kyle

Painting the finishing touches to the local Primary School doorsHi, it's Paisley and Kyle here.
Today was quite an interesting day. We returned to the local Primary School for the final time and we painted several of the internal yard walls a light blue. We enjoyed doing this because we were not doing it for ourselves; we were doing it for the children that go to the Primary School. Even though it was for someone else it was still fun for us to do! Something we found challenging was giving out gifts to the children. They were very excited and tended to crowd around any would-be gift givers.

In the afternoon we worked on our projects which are due in shortly after we return from Yangzhou. The project will reflect on our learning and experiences here in China. My group is looking at the differences between Australian and Chinese Schools.

One thing we learnt from being student leaders was that it can be hard to get a large group to pay attention to you. However, it was a good experience and an opportunity to step up and practice our leadership skills. We are really looking forward to the week in Yangzhou. It sounds extremely interesting and full of activities. We can't wait.

Paisley and Kyle