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Our Great Day at Pak Lap Wan, Hong Kong - Jas and Jordan

On Monday the 10th, I along with Jordan were student leaders for the day. Being student leaders on Monday was quite different, seeing as we were camping on the beach in Pak Lap Wan. (Hong Kong)

Abseiling - Pak Lap WanDuring the day, all students participated in numerous activities such as Abseiling, Hiking, Sea Kayaking, and Raft Building. All activities pushed all students to a degree, regardless of any previous experiences, given the location we were in.

Abseiling was amazing! We abseiled off of a cliff in the ocean, which was amazing in itself! Jordan had abseiled before, but Jas hadn’t, but we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Hiking was, at times, quite challenging, especially coming back from the beach! There were a lot of stairs! The hike was around 7km long, but we all learnt a lot about the land structure of the area we were in. (thanks to Uncle San!)

Although Jas didn’t quite enjoy Sea Kayaking, we both found the experience to be both mentally and physically challenging, of course in a good way! Raft building was fun and challenging in a group and individual sense, however past experience from bridge building did contribute to team successes, whether that was getting the raft into and out of the ocean or successfully working and contributing as a team.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the day, along with the whole Pak Lap Wan experience!

By Jas and Jordan.