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Saying goodbye to the beautiful Pak Lap Wan beach - Emma and Steph


After our final night at the beautiful Pak Lap Wan beach we had to rise early to pack up our tents and bags for our short hike back to the boat. Because of the eventful couple of days everyone was exhausted and there was hardly any talk about the amazing experience we had all just finished. Going through customs was easy, as we have now done it more than a couple of times, and the bus trip back to Utahloy was even more uneventful than the boat. When we got back, for the first time in days everyone was clean, but the stench of our clothes made up for it. Even though the entire trip was so tiring, it was probably one of the best experiences we have had so far in China, not only making us stronger individuals, but stronger as a group.

Beautiful beaches of Pak Lap Wan


Today we had to wave good-bye to the beautiful white sand beaches and kind welcoming staff of Pak Lap Wan. As we made our way back to Utahloy, it's fair to say everyone benefited from our 3 days stay, many of us conquered our fears, or even moved a few steps closer to our goals. Our trip back was different to when we arrived because the group vibe was absolutely exhausted. The crossing of boarders was a breeze, we were in and out in 10 minutes if that. It's so nice to be at our home away from home, even though we have only been here for a short while we are all very comfortable in our new environment of Utahloy.

Emma and Steph,