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Sky High - Visit to the 108th Floor of the Canton Tower - Jayden and Ryan

On Tuesday the 18th of November, we, Jayden and Ryan were student leaders.

Canton TowerOur day was a fun one and consisted of a trip to Canton Tower, a traditional Chinese medicine market and a more general goods market.

We went to the 108th floor of Canton Tower and the 360ᵒ view of Guangzhou city was amazing. We even had the opportunity to stand out on the viewing platform and look at the ground below. There was a gift shop which many of us bought souvenirs from, including postcards, necklaces, key rings, luck charms, models, coins, etc. Many of us also ventured to the floors immediately above or below the viewing floor which had exhibits explaining some science behind Canton tower.

Next we went to the medicine market which consisted of many stalls selling various fungi, plants and insects. It was great to see this huge variety of consumables with various medicinal properties, even if very few of them were familiar.

Lastly we went to the general market for a short amount of time and we all really enjoyed it. This is where we could purchase cheap imitation items. Shoes with backwards Nike symbols, watches with one too many letters in the brand name. This market was very well kept and was frequented by not only tourists but by everyday citizens. It was also a great example of how China is becoming more westernized. There was at least one KFC and one McDonalds at this market and many familiar brands.

Experiencing so much of the city was great overall. Canton Tower is a huge step up from the Eureka tower in Melbourne. It would have also been awesome to have some more time at the markets but we had fun nonetheless.

Jayden and Ryan,