CLP Resources

It is recommended that Home School Liaison Teachers visit the following websites:

The intention is that they are to be accessed by liaisons in order to create realistic, manageable student owned CLP projects - the ruMAD site has the 8 keys to madness which is of particular help. In order to access the 8 keys to madness, teachers or facilitators need to register and then access TOOLKIT.

Alpine School Students - CLP projects




CLP Projects - Term 1 2015
During Term 1, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities as part of the School for Student Leadership program have been nominated and are being developed by each of the School Teams:
  • Wanganui Park Secondary College - Transition from Primary School to High School video
  • Doncaster Secondary College - Video educating towards the balance between social media and reality for teenagers
  • East Doncaster Secondary College - Operation Pen Pal (Primary students writing to elderly)
  • Nathalia Secondary College - Connecting Youth with the elderly residents at Barwo homestead.
  • McGuire College - Building a cultural library to promote understanding
  • Scoresby Secondary College - Love for the less fortunate (aware of disadvantaged animals and people)
  • Brentwood Secondary College - Mission Transition' - To make Year 6’s comfortable with their transition into high school.
  • Yarrawonga P-12 College - Producing a book for the Anzac Centenary