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Warnambool College CLP, Term 3 2008 - Indigenous garden

CLP School Details

School: Warnambool College
Students: Meg, Grady, Fletcher, Darby
Liaison Teacher: Rodney Owen
ASC Teacher: Jaron Martin
Term: Term: 3, 2008

Project Overview

Warrnambool has an important relationship with the Gunditjmara people and their relatives. We believe that, although we have given back much to them, we would like to give more to them to recognise them as an important part of our community.

For our CLP we propose to erect an indigenous garden in Albert Park to commemorate them and thank them for all the help they have given us in making the community such a strong and diverse place to live in. Our design (shaped in the form of a snake) has numerous indigenous and native plants in it. This is so that we can enlighten locals to their history, and the history of the land around us. We will also erect a notice board thanking sponsors and giving information about how the plants were used and what part of the South West they came from.

ASC Work Summary

While we were here we have;

  • Finished the design for the garden
  • Made the plants selection
  • Got a quote on how much money we are going to require
  • Contacted nurseries to hear their range of stock, and the prices
  • Inquired about fundraising to many people
  • Planned how the garden is going to be put together
  • Contacted the council to ask permission to plant on Albert Park
  • Researched uses for plants in garden to put on information board

Photo Gallery

Work Examples

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DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (warnambool-group-review-clp-2.pdf)Warnambool College, CLP Group ReviewCLP Group Review - Indigenous Garden CLP Project37 Kb01/01/09 16:14
DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (warnambool-cultivation-uses-clp-1.pdf)Indigenous Garden - Cultivation and UsesIndigenous Garden - Cultivation and Uses60 Kb01/01/09 16:14
DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (warnambool-letter-clp-3.pdf)Indigenous Garden - Letter to Jamie ThomasIndigenous Garden - Warnambool CLP - Letter to Jamie Thomas40 Kb01/01/09 16:15
DOWNLOAD THIS FILE (warnambool-info-clp-4.pdf)Indigenous Garden - Additional InfoIndigenous Garden - Warnambool CLP - Additional Information about plants296 Kb01/01/09 16:17