CLP Resources

It is recommended that Home School Liaison Teachers visit the following websites:

The intention is that they are to be accessed by liaisons in order to create realistic, manageable student owned CLP projects - the ruMAD site has the 8 keys to madness which is of particular help. In order to access the 8 keys to madness, teachers or facilitators need to register and then access TOOLKIT.

Alpine School Students - CLP projects




CLP Projects - Term 3 2014
During Term 3, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities as part of the School for Student Leadership program have been nominated and are being developed by each of the School Teams:
  • Hawkesdale P12 College - Raise awareness of the Alpine School to Year 8's and raise money to support students attending
  • Rosehill SC - Helping the local Primary School develop social skills
  • Ararat Secondary College - Bridging the gap' initiative between the elderly and local youth
  • Daylesford SC - Restoring their locla basketball courts
  • Mortlake College - Revamping their gymnasium within their school
  • Taylors Lakes SC - Raising awareness of scoliosis
  • Nhill College - Operation celebration'. Thanking the local SES, CFA and Ambulance services within Nhill
  • Warracknabeal SC - Holding a Fun Run to raise money and awareness to donate to the Cancer Council
  • Warrnambool College - Activities integrating the Special Development School into their local community