Alpine School Life

Alpine School Life
Students will live and work in a very close environment with up to 44 of their peers; they sleep, eat, shower and do work under the one roof.

There are separate sleeping and showering facilities for both genders. There are 11 rooms in each of the two accommodation wings, one each for male and female. Two students will be allocated to each room. Staff share the responsibility of supervision of each wing and are responsible for the pastoral care of the students. The school has staff supervision accommodation in each wing.

There is a great deal of independence offered to the students. The students are responsible for helping maintain the school, organizing rosters, for doing various jobs around the school and generally controlling the nature of their home and place of learning.

There are lessons on human relationships that will arise from this lifestyle. Great friendships are made, tolerance is learned and teamwork is created. It will be rare to find an Alpine School Campus student who will not be proud of his or her involvement or to find an ex-Alpine School Campus student who does not readily identify with the school.

School life provides an excellent opportunity for bonding. Of course it would be wrong to imply that there are never tensions. Not many parents or teachers would think that living with teenagers is always blissful. Some teenagers need to be helped along the way to manage their social relationships in one form or another. This is a very important component of their learning environment.