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Alpine Student Life 2017

Alpine Student Life + VYLC 2014

Term 2 2010



Alpine School Music - Term 2

These songs were created by students with the help of Lee Rosser during Music sessions at The Alpine School in Term 2.

Once in a Lifetime - written & performed by 1A

Fall down on our knees - written & performed by 1B

2A - written & performed by 2A

Alpine Way - written & performed by 2B




Week Eight
Being at the Alpine school is awesome but unfortunately it is week eight, it is sad to know that we have to go home in 13 days time, the sad thing is I thought at the start that I would want to go home at this point of time because of my family, but I really don’t want to because the Alpine school is like a second home with a second family that have learned how live together and to be independent that you just don’t want to walk out of.

from Katrina




Alpine School: the best experience of my life
The Alpine School is the best experience of my life. I have made awesome friends at TAS. The Alpine School weather was really cold when I had to walk to Mt Feathertop, although it was an amazing view. I don’t want to go home, yet I am so exiting about seeing all of my friends. I am happy that I came to the School for Student Leadership. It has been a place of great experience in my life and the Alpine School is a once a life time opportunity.

from Michelle F




An Amazing Week
Every single week is so jam packed with activities at TAS, it’s such a good opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.

Just in the last week we have had music with Lee Rosser, when we got the chance to record, write and play our own song then edit it on “Garage Band” which was an awesome opportunity for aspiring artists in which we have a lot of at TAS this term, including myself.

We have also had the chance to do photography with the old SLR cameras with photographer David Tatnall. This was a great chance to express ourselves, have fun and learn so much about photography. We have also completed the Underground River caving experience, in which we were all pushed out of our comfort zone, crawling through a track of tiny cracks that seemed impossible at first glance.

And last but certainly not least, this last week has held one of the most important dates on any TAS student’s calendar, Parent Visiting Weekend. Students travelled all around the local area with their parents, but Bright was a definite favourite and everyone certainly made the most of their time, some going for micro-flights, to the Bright Maze, walks around the area and even visiting a Deer and Emu Farm. So overall, this week has been awesome, just like all the time here! We have all had a great week but are trying not to think of the fact we are two thirds through this amazing experience.

from Emma B




Olivia's Expo One Report

We went on expo last Saturday, so a week ago now. It was heaps of fun, although it was really challenging.

We left at about 9:30am from TAS, and we were driven to the Wonderland Trail where we started hiking. We all had our massive expo packs on, which were filled with tents and their equipment, stoves, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and of course food and clothes. So they were a little bit heavy!

We walked until about 3:30pm (including a lot of stops) and then set up camp over the road from Mother Johnson’s ticket box. It was a really nice campsite. Emma and I shared a tent, and we were in a cooking group with Zac as well. Emma and I made the chocolate ripple cake for dessert (which was delicious), so while Zac and Emma were cooking our dinner (Carbonara), I was whipping the cream with a fork for an hour. It was only from a small carton, so that’s why it took so long. Dinner was really great too. We were pretty proud of it.

Emma and I went to bed and slept in our beanies, thermals, fleeces, extra jumpers and t-shirts and two pairs of socks each! It was pretty cold. We were taking photos, and then we thought we’d better go to sleep since we’d have a long day walking again the next day.

We were woken up at 7:15am, because everyone was up, but Emma and I still managed to cook our breakfast, clean up, unpack everything, and bring the toilet back before anyone else had. We were pretty great at that.

We’d hiked for about two hours when we got to the bottom of Dead Timber Hill. It was only 500m up, but it was so steep! I was proud that I wasn’t even tired or puffing by the end. We had lunch on the top of that, did our debriefing there, and then walked back to school which was only forty-five minutes from there.

When we got back, we had to pack and clean everything. After an hour we had finished and we could go see everyone and have a nice long shower.

I never realised how attached I had become with everybody here. I missed them so much! It was such a relief to come back to them and just have things back to the way they were. And this was only for a night!

By Olivia

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