Alpine Student Life 2017

Alpine Student Life + VYLC 2014

Talent Quest

Alpine Talent QuestThursday the 27th was the Alpine’s Got Talent. It was a great night seeing everybody getting involved, whether it was to do with the committee or an act. Before the show started all the girls got dressed up into costumes and make up, which looked really good.

The first act was Jordan playing the piano, which was amazing. Up next was Daniel playing the bass to Michael Jackson beat it; it was great to hear that this term has some really talented musicians. The next act was Lawn Bowls, this was a fantastic act that had a lot of time and effort put into it. It started off with Drew and Elysia and then Chelsea, Amina, Maddy and Lillie came out. It was a very good act.

Up next we had felicity singing some songs from the musical ‘Wicked’. After the solo was most of the boys doing the Caramel dance, it was great to see the boys get into it. Up next were the retro flashbacks, with Laura, Steph, Jelena, Liv.H, Liv.M and Nadia. This act was very good with them dancing to a remix of songs. It was very good and they all looked great. Next were Amina and Jelena singing to lots of different songs, they were actually really good at singing and they also had very good backup dancers, especially Steph. Next was the only staff act for the night and it was Mr Davies doing a comedy act, which everyone found quite funny.

The last act for the night was the girls doing Girls just want to have fun, it was really good and all the girls looked great in their 80s clothes. Halfway through the dance the lights were cut off and half of the girls emerged from the audience wearing all black clothes. They started swaying then all of sudden were dancing along to Thriller. All the girls had put a lot of effort into their costumes as well as the dance and all of our practices really payed off.

The overall winners at the end were the Retro Flashbacks with a score of 29 out of 30, but an honourable, mention to Jordan and his lovely keyboard playing. Also thanks to the judges-Nathan, nick and Lachlan and the hosts Nadia and Laura. Overall it was a great night which nobody wanted to end. The teachers were also really impressed with the talent show run completely by students. Alpine’s Got Talent will be continued in the next couple of terms as the staff loved it.

Sam and Laura