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Parent Letters & Bulletins

Throughout the term a number of Parent Bulletins and Letters are made available to Parents in the form of letters that provide an insight into the School for Student Leadership program.

Parents of Term 4 Students, 2019 will receive several letters throughout the coming term.


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    Arrival Day! First letter Home - 14 October 2019

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    First Letter Home from the Alpine School,
    Sunday October 14 2019

    Arrival Day at The Alpine School (Altitude 1600m)

    A Snapshot of Letter 1 - Arrival Day!

    Welcome to the community of the Alpine School Campus for our Term 4, NINE-week program.

    uEducateUs Communications

    During the course of the next nine weeks, we shall be using the ICT platform called uEducateUs to communicate with you several times over the term. These letters will also be posted on our website for you to see and read about current and daily events. The content of the communications is to assist you with your side of the Alpine School Campus Experience. The letters will not necessarily deal with individuals and their achievements, but more about the living and learning process all students will be undertaking. We want to provide you with some early reminders and information for your arrival day and to perhaps help you on your return and continued journey.

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