CLP Resources

It is recommended that Home School Liaison Teachers visit the following websites:

The intention is that they are to be accessed by liaisons in order to create realistic, manageable student owned CLP projects - the ruMAD site has the 8 keys to madness which is of particular help. In order to access the 8 keys to madness, teachers or facilitators need to register and then access TOOLKIT.

Alpine School Students - CLP projects




CLP Projects - Term 1 2012

During this term, the following Community Learning Projects (CLP) related to their home communities will be undertaken by each of the School Teams:

  • Doncaster Secondary College – Raising money for Cancer research.
  • Templestowe College – Designing an education program about animal cruelty
  • Yarra Hills Secondary College – Raise awareness of indigenous history / Developing a community garden.
  • Canterbury Girls Secondary College - Camberwell train station mural.
  • Maffra Secondary College – Animal ‘bank’ for Stretton Park elderly residents home
  • Swifts Creek School– Developing a monthly community activity program
  • Mallacoota P-12 College – Cybersafety focused program
  • Cann River P-12 College – Bike Education program and developing a BMX track at school